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We, from LAVICI Fashion Designers want to introduce ourselves as a solution to the various needs of your company in the field of design and exclusive clothing.
In our business, we believe the trust of our clients is very valuable. For that reason, we hope to earn trust by working together and being a part of developing your business.
If you are pleased with our information, you can contact us to consult the various clothing design needs of your boutique. Please provide examples of your needs or concepts and we will immediately prepare the best offer for your business.

Who We Are

LAVICI is an Indonesian brand founded in Jakarta. Being “the ultimate house of premium, defining style and creating desire, now and forever”, we’re having the DNA of chooses fashion to concern on environmental and labour concepts.
Viralea as a founder is a social entrepreneur, which employs craftsmen as a step forward to realize works that can later produce positive values in improving the economy of the craftsmen.
She chose to be more sensitive by taking an environmentally friendly fashion line.
The fashion industry often dictates that consumers do everything they (consumers) wear, from make up, clothing, to shoes. Of all these items, only a few or even no one supports the concept of attention to environmental problems because it still uses hazardous chemicals in its processing to the exclusion of the welfare of garment workers.
But LAVICI has given reasons for believing that the best pattern of working is adopting a transparency business model.
In upholding this standard, we will inform the customers this by sharing details about who makes their clothes.
We employ craftsmen at reasonable prices with good quality production, because we sell them at reasonable prices to appreciate the process. This means that the artisanal skills of artisans are protected and valued, ensuring their survival for generations to come.
Here are some steps taken by LAVICI. We make handmade clothes. This is regarded the gold standard in terms of understanding fashion to support on environmental and worker issues. The goal is only to make what is needed and reduce the excess supply of modes that risk ending up in the landfill.
There is a more traditional way to do this, which is to make clothing items upon request. We implement this step mostly by making clothes according to customer orders. In addition, the quality of our clothes has a High Quality & Lasting Design. Long-lasting clothing is part of fashion that focus to environmental problems. Fashion has always been a trend-driven industry, and that won’t change in the near future. However, paying attention to the trends you choose to follow is the key. Make sure to buy clothes that can be worn all the time and are not worn out by time. And of course the quality of clothes that are better will last longer.


We realize that fashion appears in terms of collective work of many people. Placing the hopes and voices of the people who are part of us – customers and business partners – for consideration in their creation instead as material consideration in the work.

Work Of Art is aesthetic creation

The clothes that we make are open to the work of someone but all the people involved in the manufacturing process.



Involving customers in the creative process is our commitment to embrace in the work of art together.

All are Partners

Anyone who works with us is a partner who can sit and have an equal voice.



Protection of workers is primary. Because without them, there will never be a masterpiece.

Our Collection

A motif that symbolizes glory or grandeur. Batik with a combination of blue and red colors, there is a turmeric yellow, mixed with isen, i.e. neat white dots on flower ornaments. This batik is originated from Central Java, which is located near Bali.

A physical symbol that directly shows the social strata of a particular person in his/her society. Egg-plant flower symbol refers to the meaning someone’s rank or position. That is the reason why it is usually put on the shoulder.

A physical symbol that directly shows the social strata of a particular person in his/her society. Egg-plant flower symbol refers to the meaning someone’s rank or position. That is the reason why it is usually put on the shoulder.

Garuran Batik motif is indeed inspired by the natural conditions of the mountains, flora and fauna or by the everyday environment of Garut, especially before the independence period.

Jumputan is a fabric that belongs to the brocade family of textile using tie and dye technique. To create certain motif from plain fabric, the first step to do is sewing and bundling certain parts of fabric and then

In contrast to classical batik, motif and coloring in modern batik do not depend on certain pattern or coloring.
The design can be in a variety of colors, but bright red

Come and Explore Our



Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique, originated from Indonesia. Batik is made either by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a tjanting, or by printing the resist with a copper stamp called a cap. The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows the artisan to colour selectively by soaking the cloth in one colour, removing the wax with boiling water, and repeating if multiple colours are desired.

Having an elegant and classy fashion style is certainly the desire of everbody. Many things you can do in order to look charming, i.e. the selection of appropriate materials, textures, and right brand, and mix-matching the clothes. When some knows how to choose clothes that are suitable for him/her, everyone can look elegant and classy.

Every woman needs to perform beautifully every time. One of the ways to be beautiful is to pay attention to our fashion style. Talking about style, we need to try something in order be more classy. Being classy does not mean always dressing formally, but it is more about intelligence to attract attention without having to dress up excessively.

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