Jumputan Jumputan is a fabric that belongs to the brocade family of textile using tie and dye technique. To create certain motif from plain fabric, the first step to do is sewing and bundling certain parts of fabric and then dyeing it using favorite color.Jumputan-making technique sewing and dyeing method are developing; i.e. by sewing […]

Batik Garut

Batik Garut Garuran Batik motif is indeed inspired by the natural conditions of the mountains, flora and fauna or by the everyday environment of Garut, especially before the independence period.Garut batik consists of Bulu Hayam (cock feather) motif and Lereng Kangkung (kale slope) motif.But nowadays, there is a challenge dealing with regeneration of artisans of […]

Tenun Ikat

Tenun Ikat Tenun Ikat is an Indonesian traditional fabric, made from weaves of woofs which are previously knotted and dipped in natural coloring agents. Before being woven, the yarns are knotted with plastic or ropes, according to the desired pattern. At the end, the fabric will be dipped in the coloring agents, and the knotted […]