Every woman needs to perform beautifully every time. One of the ways to be beautiful is to pay attention to our fashion style. Talking about style, we need to try something in order be more classy. Being classy does not mean always dressing formally, but it is more about intelligence to attract attention without having to dress up excessively.

We, from LAVICI Fashion Designers want to introduce ourselves as a solution to the various needs of your company in the field of design and exclusive clothing.
In this photo, Batik with motif of birds falling in love
A motif that symbolizes glory or grandeur. Batik is a combination of blue and red colors, turmeric yellow, mixed with isen, i.e. neat white dots on flower ornaments. This batik is originally from Central Java, which is located near Bali. Batik, which is considered traditional, has now experienced quite rapid development. Nowadays batik is starting to be integrated with modern design of the millennial era. For example, this outfit becomes a modern batik dress model.
Contemporary creations by LAVICI, which is blended with black, make this batik dress elegant and fashionable without leaving the existing motif elements. This outfit can be used to various events especially non-formal ones such as dinner, dating and family matters events.

However, there is a problem. i.e classy appearance usually requires a certain budget. In fact, it is impossible for us to spend money just on clothing. Therefore, let’s pay attention to the following tips in order we can perform beautifully and classy without spending to much budget.

Every woman wants to always look beautiful and fashionable every time. However, many women find it difficult to determine what clothes to wear today. It has become a global problem that never ends. “Dress like you are already famous“, is a quote widely used by people who care about appearance. Being aware of the appearance isn’t negative. Paying attention in appearance does not mean narcissistic. The first impression is indeed important because everyone will always judge others starting from their appearance. Clothing shows your true personality. While in the office, of course you want to look smart, reliable and professional. For the sake of that, you should read the fashion tips below and mix and match your clothes because “Life is too short to wear boring clothes“

Therefore, let’s refer to the following tips in order you can look classy and beautifully without spending high budget.
Pay Attention to How You Dress
One of the keys for performing classy is by avoiding clothes that are too sexy. Although sexy clothes will get you more attention of men, don’t you feel uncomfortable with the views cast by many of them? Be proud if you can look beautiful and elegant with clothes that are still polite.
Be simple
Don’t spend too much of your money on expensive clothes. Instead, use the budget to buy classy accessories. This is because, in general, the only thing that makes certain dress expensive is its brand.
However, a brand will not really affect the way other people think about whether you are classy or not. The more important than the brand is your ability to ‘mix and match’ the clothes you wear.

It is better if you do not put too many accessories. The most important thing of accessories is how far they will support your clothes, not the amount. Minimal but high-quality accessories will make you look elegant, simple and focused. Don’t even wear big bracelets, big watches and several rings at the same time.
Don’t be a victim of fashion
You may follow the development of fashion or trends, but do not let you become a fashion victim. Do not follow fashion excessively because it is not an obligation. Nobody demands that you always dress up-to-date? Maybe it is just simple because you lack of confidence. Do not let yourself follow a style that you do not really like. Although the style is considered trendy. Do not insist yourself to always follow the trend, because from time to time the trend will always change very quickly. Furthermore, of course it will burden your budget. Be confident with yourself ! Choose a fashion or style that suits you and your personality because there is a possibility that you will only occasionally buy clothes that you like and need. So you can save money !
Choose quality fabrics and commensurate colors
In order to look charming and classy, ​​paying attention to the fabric that you wear is equally important. Try to pay attention to your surroundings. Being classy is dealing with your ability in mix and match the fabric and color. From now on, let’s be more concerned about the type of fabric we wear ! A mixture of rayon and cotton that absorbs sweat and is not rigid is a fitting material for a t-shirt. Linen is a durable material, absorbs sweat, and is not easily dull. Meanwhile, silk and satin fit for formal events at night. Clothing with quality fabrics can be more durable and comfortable. Do not think too much of the costs you have to spend in the beginning. The cost you spend on once wearing expensive and durable clothing will be cheaper than spending clothing that costs a little lower but is not durable. Besides, you should not use contrasting colors at the same time. Color block has indeed become a trend, but like other trends, color block comes and passes too quickly. Therefore, you should choose calm, safe and warm pastel colors. This classic color will be more easily adjusted to the event you will attend.

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