Jumputan is a fabric that belongs to the brocade family of textile using tie and dye technique. To create certain motif from plain fabric, the first step to do is sewing and bundling certain parts of fabric and then dyeing it using favorite color.
Jumputan-making technique sewing and dyeing method are developing; i.e. by sewing the thread to the fabric by trying certain pattern, pulling it tight until it wrinkled, then dyeing it. Jumputan is usually made of silk and has motif on all over the fabric. The motifs include Bintik Sembilan (nine dots), Bintik Tujuh (seven dots), Bintik Lima (five dots), Kembang Janur, Cuncung/Terong (egg-plant), Bintang Lima (five-stars), and Bintik – Bintik (multi-dots).

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